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Our Trips

Discover the Old World in a New Way

Let us take you on a trip of a lifetime with culinary and cultural experiences that will turn into unforgetable memories.

We invite you to travel with us to the Alsace region of France and explore the beauty, culture, and food that makes this area in France so unique and diverse. With rugged mountains and quaint valleys, this sun-drenched eastern part of France has something for every taste. Known for its excellent wines, regional food, and diverse landscape, it also has unique, traditional crafts that can be admired and purchased.​

Travel and explore with Alsatian native Louis Wendling and his wife Patricia as they take you on a trip to places, restaurants, and local businesses you would have never found by yourself. Enjoy the ease of organized travel without becoming a mass tourist and indulge in the carefully crafted experiences that make daily life in the Alsace so special. 

You will return home with a wealth of memories and with a new appreciation of food, wine, culture, art, and life!

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